Christabel Seneque

Nature writing for clever kids and curious adults

Nature writing for clever kids and curious adults.

About me

Hi, I’m Christabel.

I write about nature for clever kids and curious adults.

I’ve written true stories and poems about the amazing world around us – from the trees on my street, all covered in bark, to deep sea creatures that glow in the dark.

My writing has appeared in magazines like Soul Tread and Creatrix. In March 2024, one of my nature poems will be in an anthology for children, Right Way Down and other poems, published by Fremantle Press and Alphabet Soup Books.

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My story

I’m a passionate advocate for the environment and those we share it with. I’ve been vegan for 15 years, for the animals and the environment.

I spent over a decade working in the nonprofit sector, honing my communication skills and ability to thrive under pressure. Now I work alongside engineers, copyediting and proofreading their marketing documents like bids, proposals and tender responses.

I’m a nonfiction writer, not a scientist. That means I explain technical terms and help clever kids and curious adults imagine how things look, sound, smell, feel and taste.

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Selected testimonials

“The Seneque essay about trees was so evocative, beautiful to read, and the illustrations were sweet.”

Soul Tread reader

“Christabel Seneque’s reflections on the local park in Nollamara took me right back to my childhood neighbourhood, it’s where I grew up in the sixties.”

Soul Tread reader

Image credit: Adam Leonard

Let’s connect

I believe words and ideas are more than just content: they have the power to shape our internal and external landscapes.

If you want to inspire, educate or motivate, I can help.

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