About me

Hi, I’m Christabel.

I write about nature for curious kids.

I write true stories and poems about the amazing world around us – from the trees on my street, all covered in bark, to deep sea creatures that glow in the dark.

My writing has appeared in magazines like Soul Tread and Creatrix. I’m excited to have a nature poem in the anthology for children, Right Way Down and other poems, published in February 2024.

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Photo of the author as a child
Photo of me as a kid

My work experience

I’ve been paid to babysit, iron clothes, sell socks and use a walkie-talkie on Christmas day.

I spent over 14 years working in the non-profit sector. I got lots of practice explaining things like community housing rent setting policy to all kinds of people.

Now I work with engineers, copyediting and proofreading their marketing documents like bids, proposals and tender responses.

In all of these jobs, I have learnt to explain complex ideas so they’re easy to understand.

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