Cover of the book 'Right Way Down and other poems' chosen by Rebecca M. Newman & Sally Murphy, illustrated by Briony Stewart

Right Way Down and other poems (2024)

Edited by Rebecca Newman and Sally Murphy; illustrated by Briony Stewart (ISBN 9781760993429)

Read my nature poem ‘Bioluminescence’ in this book of poetry for kids aged 9 to 11, published in Feb 2024 by Fremantle Press & Alphabet Soup Books.

You can buy a copy now:

Fremantle Press | Boffins | Dymocks | Booktopia | Amazon

Dive Deep (2024)

Countdown Vol. 109, No. 5, June 2024

Read my rhyming poem about the deep sea in this magazine for young readers aged 7 to 9, published by The School Magazine.

llustrated by Rosemary Fung.

Soul Tread Edition 2 open at the nature essay 'What we Lean Towards' by Christabel Seneque, with illustrations by Emily Shannon. Magazine is being read in dappled sunlight in an outdoor public seating area in Leederville, Western Australia.

What We Lean Towards (2021)

Soul Tread Edition 2, Autumn 2021

Read this nature essay for grown-ups about the sights, sounds and smells in a suburban park. Published in the Australian print magazine Soul Tread.

Peanut brittle covered in chili and chocolate

Short and Sharp (2023)

Creatrix 62, September 2023

Read this short poem about the passage of time. Published online by WA Poets Inc.

Photo by Aninka Bongers-Sutherland on Canva

Photo of the cover of Soul Tread Edition 7 being held up in front of grass, trees and blue sky in the background.

Lost on the Road (2022)

Soul Tread Edition 7, Winter 2022

Read this memoir for grown-ups about failure, regret and returning to faith. Published in the Australian print magazine Soul Tread.