Cover of the book 'Right Way Down and other poems' chosen by Rebecca M. Newman & Sally Murphy, illustrated by Briony Stewart

Right Way Down and other poems (out soon)

Read my nature poem ‘Bioluminescence’ in this book of poetry for kids aged 9 to 11, which will be published in Feb 2024 by Fremantle Press & Alphabet Soup Books. You can pre-order it now:

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Soul Tread Edition 2 open at the nature essay 'What we Lean Towards' by Christabel Seneque, with illustrations by Emily Shannon. Magazine is being read in dappled sunlight in an outdoor public seating area in Leederville, Western Australia.

What We Lean Towards (2021)

Soul Tread Edition 2, Autumn 2021

Read this nature essay for grown-ups about the sights, sounds and smells in a suburban park. Originally published in the Australian print magazine Soul Tread.