Things to do inside during school holidays

Welcome to part 2 of a series on nature activities. This post is about things to do inside. Part 1 was about things to do outside.

Watch something grow

Oyster mushroom growing kit
Photo by Author
  • Grow mushrooms from a box. I used a Life Cykel grow kit to grow oyster mushrooms. They only require moisture and a warm environment to grow. When the mushrooms start to appear, they double in size every 24 hours. It’s very exciting to watch!
  • Make a tiny garden in a jar. They’re called terrariums, and they are beautiful and easy to care for. Get started with these instructions from Little Sprouts.

Craft with nature

Colourful leaves arranged in an arch shape
Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash
  • Make a simple Christmas wreath using leaves and a reclaimed piece of cardboard. This eco-friendly craft from Mother Natured is fun, easy and safe for small hands.
  • Try a Japanese natural printmaking technique called hapa zome, or ‘leaf-dye’. Place fresh leaves and flowers between two layers of fabric and pound with a hammer, like How We Montessori did, to make a print.
  • Make leaf art using crayons and watercolour paint. This activity from Art Bar combines leaf rubbings with a wax resist technique.

Make a nature-inspired craft

Brown origami owl photographed on a leafy tree branch
Photo by Katrin Hauf on Unsplash
Journal pages splashed with pink, purple and blue watercolour paints. A paintbrush and solid watercolour paints sit on top of the pages.
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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