Things to do outside during school holidays

Welcome to part 1 of a series on nature activities. This post is about things to do outside. Part 2 is about things to do inside.

Around Western Australia

Child playing in nature playground
Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash
Girl playing in outdoor fountain
Photo by Charlie Hammond on Unsplash
  • Splash around in water – it’s the perfect activity for a hot summer day! Check out Nature Play WA’s list of free water play spaces around Perth and regional WA.
  • Play and learn while you explore with the Play Trails app. This free phone app contains location-specific trivia and challenges you can unlock when you visit different locations around WA.

In your neighbourhood

Girl flying a kite in a park
Photo by YY TEOH on Unsplash
  • Fly a kite on a windy day. Look for a wide open space like a park or sporting field, so the kite has plenty of room in the sky to fly.
  • Visit a community garden. The first-ever National Community Gardens Day is happening on November 26, 2023. There will be open days where you can find out more about your local community garden, so it’s an ideal day to plan a visit.
  • Do an activity from Rewilding Kids Australia. This book by Melissa Mylchreest is an activity book all about nature around Australia.

In your backyard

Black cockatoo
Photo by Amber Weir on Unsplash
  • Watch birds. You can even participate in a 20-minute Birds in Backyards seasonal survey and send your bird observations to scientists who study them. Get started by visiting the Birdata website or downloading the app.
  • Build a backyard cubby or put up a tent.
  • Make gigantic bubble mix.

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